What is the Program?

“Milwaukee’s Journey to the East” is a program that bridges the cultural divides in our city by teaching underserved youth compassion, mindfulness, discipline and respect for all life through Taiji and Traditional Chinese Martial Arts.

What makes this program unique is its focus on travel and cultural exchange.

Why Use Traditional Chinese Martial Arts as the Vehicle?

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts are unique in that Chinese Buddhist philosophy and Wude (武 德 / martial morality) are interwoven within the combative arts. This means a Traditional Chinese Martial Artist is always on the defensive, seeking a path of nonviolence. Chinese Buddhism focuses on saving people, and self, from suffering.

Martial morality is split into two parts. Morality of deed, concerning social relations:

  • Humility, Virtue, Respect, Morality, Trust

Morality of mind, meant to cultivate the inner harmony between the emotional mind (心; Xin) and the wisdom mind (慧; Hui):

  • Courage, Patience, Endurance, Perseverance, Will


How Will Underserved Youth Benefit from the Program?

If it had to be summed up in one word it would be exposure.

Exposure to:

  • a nonviolent, defensive, martial art which reduces aggression

  • mindfulness and meditation - proven to reduce stress, suspensions and violence

  • Chinese language - proven to increase problem solving abilities

  • Chinese culture - proven to increase awareness of cultural differences

Changes won’t happen overnight, but the children who continue their studies are guaranteed success wherever life takes them.

What is Needed to Make this Program a Reality?

People - We need instructors who have a background in Chinese martial arts, or are willing to learn, and are interested in volunteering time to underserved youth in Milwaukee.

Places - We need locations with the proper facilities for training that are already serving underserved youth. This will insure the program reaches its intended audience.

Pennies - The children that the program serves will incur no costs. There will be 3 phases of crowdfunding.

  • Phase 1: Planning.
  • Phase 2: Program Costs
  • Phase 3: Travel to Taiwan.